Frequently Asked Questions


Courses are offered during the spring and summer terms. Our summer program is a special 6-week program for those who cannot attend a semester-long program.

Yes. Since you are studying in Prague for such a limited amount of time, all classes are mandatory and will count towards your final grade.

Each student is allowed to miss 180 minutes, or 2 x 90 minutes, worth of class time per course.
-If class meets once per week (180 min), students can miss one class period.
-If class meets twice per week (90 min. each), students can miss two class periods.
Absences may be excused if a medical note is provided or it is approved by the director of PJS. For each additional unexcused absence, the final grade will be reduced automatically (A to A -). Your grade will be reduced each time you have an unexcused absence.


Yes. PJS offers single and double rooms at a dormitory within walking distance to the Prague Castle. It is a 20 minute tram ride from the University and Old Town Square. It has convenient access to public transportation and is close to grocery stores, mini-markets, and restaurants. If you do not wish to stay in the dorm, you may find off-campus housing on your own.


Semester Program

Yes. Students that do not hold European Union country passports must obtain a Czech national visa. After your acceptance to the program, an admissions letter will be sent immediately to you. This letter will accompany information on obtaining a long term visa. Please do not hesitate and apply for a visa as soon as possible. (The visa process can take up to 90 days). For questions about the process, please consult your local Czech embassy or consulate.

Summer Program

No. Students participating in the summer program (less than 90 days) do not need a visa.